Saturday Study Sessions: It’s AP Exam Season!

Hey.  You’ve probably got a lot of tests coming up in the next few weeks, and I know it’s overwhelming.  If you need a place to study– for this or any other class– I’ll be hanging out on the back patio at the Panera on Barrett Parkway from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM on Saturday, May 4th, and Saturday May 11th.

I’ll have some released APCGP multiple choice exams with me, and some released SAQs and FRQs, and I’d be glad to sit down and work through them with you.  Or, if you just need to know there’s an adult in nearby who will call you on your procrastination, you can sit and study for whatever other exams you might have– whatever works, okay?  These will be no pressure sessions, so if you can’t make them, please don’t panic– I’d be going somewhere to grade anyway, so I don’t mind hanging around.

Study hard, remember to breathe, and keep it in perspective, okay?  You’re nearly there.


Current Event: Iran!

Hey, it’s your last current event!  You know the drill: please use one of the following sources to find a current on politics and/or governance in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Then, complete the form below:

Current Event Form for Iran!

Unit Six Study Session: Political Violence and Mexico

Y’all know the drill by now: I’ll be running an online study session from 5 to 7 PM (or until you run out of questions– whichever comes first) on April 23rd, and you can ask me any questions you like which pertain to material from this unit.  You may want to review the Unit Six Study Guide: Political Violence and Mexico for unfamiliar terms prior to the session going live.  You can ask me questions via the live chat feature on YouTube, or via Remind.

To watch the study session live, please click on this link.

You can also watch the recorded version embedded below:

Additionally, you may want to play the Quizizz review game for this unit.  I’ve sent the link out via Remind, but you can also join by clicking on this link and entering the game code 991238.

Happy studying!

Scholarship Opportunities!

Hey guys!  Dr. Shealy requested that I make sure you know about a couple of scholarship opportunities which are coming due this Friday.  One of them in particular is earmarked for a senior at North Cobb, and– at the time I’m writing this– NO ONE has applied for it.  So, you know: not a lot of competition!  You should go for it.

The LGE Community Service Scholarship

Here’s what Dr. Shealy has to say about this one: “The LGE Community Service Scholarship is a $5000 county-wide scholarship. The main criteria is being a senior and community service. I have attached the application that students fill out electronically and then email to by Friday 4/12/19. He will then recommend one student to the county level.”  As far as I know, there haven’t been a lot of applicants to Mr. Moody yet, so this is definitely worth a shot.  The application is linked here: LGE Community Scholarship Application Form!

Also, I know the application says April 9th, but this has been extended to the Friday, April 12th.

The Save Acworth History Foundation Scholarship Committee Scholarship

This is the one where they specifically want to grant it to a North Cobb senior, and NO ONE has applied! Here’s the deal:

The Save Acworth History Foundation Scholarship Committee will award a one-time non-renewable $750 scholarship to a graduating senior who has demonstrated a strong interest in history and is planning to major in or pursue the study of history in a full-time accredited college or university in the United States. The applicant must have a 3.25 GPA.


  1. 1. Student must write an essay of 500 words or less, double-spaced, sharing what aspect of history is of interest to him/her.
  2. The essay must list the student’s extracurricular activities, honors, volunteering, recognition, awards, and community involvement.
  3. The student must indicate the college(s) or schools to which he/she has applied and/or been accepted.
  4. The student must name the course of study that he/she plans to pursue, and list aspirations and goals that are hoped to be achieved.
  5. One letter of recommendation by high school teacher or school administrator must be included.
  6. Each submission must be accompanied by the SAHF 2019 Scholarship Application Form.
  7. Submission of completed essay, letter of recommendation, and application form must be received via email to: before 12:00 PM on April 12, 2019.

The Save Acworth History Foundation Committee will select scholarship winner.

So there you go, guys– two options to help lessen some of the scary cost of college.  You’ve got to get it done by Friday, but it’s worth the rush.


Current Events: Mexico!

Hey there, guys– you know the drill by now: look at one of the following sites and choose a news story which relates in some way to politics and governance in Mexico.  One thing, however– Mexico only has one daily English-language newspaper (there are some regional English-language papers written for American ex-pats in resort towns, but that’s not really what we want), so I’ve also included some broader news agencies that address news in Latin America as a whole.  If you choose one of those sources, do make sure to focus on MEXICO, not, like, Argentina.  And if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, I’ve included a couple of significant Mexican Spanish-language news sources as well, if you’re currently studying Spanish and want to push yourself.

Please use one of the following news sources:

Complete the following form on your article once you’ve selected one:

Unit Six Current Event Form!

Magnet Senior Survey: International Studies Seal and More!

Hey, guys!  Remember how Mr. Stephenson told you that there would be a survey for you to complete regarding Magnet convocation, your application for an International Studies seal for your diploma, and data collection on colleges?  Well, you can find the QR and link below:



If you can’t use the QR above, please click here to go directly to the survey.  Responses must be submitted by March 29th.

Documentary Questions: Our Brand is Crisis

After watching the documentary in class, please choose to answer ONE of the following prompts thoroughly:

  1. How are indigenous populations portrayed in the film? How is this portrayal related to Latin America’s history of colonization and imperialism?  How is this social hierarchy reflected in the electoral politics as shown in the film?
  2. What were the causes of the political violence illustrated in the film?  How could this violence have been avoided?
  3. What do the political strategies mean by “our brand is crisis?”  Do you think their political strategy is effective?  Is it ethical?

Your response should be thoughtful, detailed, and show evidence of having engaged critically with the film.